A Spring update from the committee!

We hope that everyone has been getting out on the water when its not been raining, snowing or hailing as it has been recently (or braving the weather)! We’ve been busy behind the scenes getting ready for another slightly unconventional year, in this update you will find a few of the things that we are currently working on and us asking for your thoughts on what we can improve!

  • Kit checks – Annually we have to do checks on all of our equipment, these have now been done in the gap between opening the club to members, and folks wanting to use club kit last month.
  • Increased storage – we are looking at expanding both club and private storage for Kayaks, Canoes & SUP’s
  • The club calendar for the year – We’re busy drafting up a calendar for the year of club organised events. These are set to include a couple of the most popular items from the membership form which was a BBQ and Camping weekend.
  • Wild swimming – We’re investigating the possibility of this being officially supported as an activity down at the club. If anyone knows of any good contacts for this or wants to help get it up and running please reach out via our contact page.
  • Whilst this isn’t anything that will change your experience down at the club, we have launched an Instagram account (@chippenhamscc) so that when you’re away from the water you can keep up to date with what other members are doing on the water!

What do you want to see out of your club?

Following on from the question on your membership form (if you’re a member) please let us know if there is anything else you want to see from us! The 3 items top came up a lot were: wild swimming, a BBQ Social and a camping weekend so we hope to bring you more info around these soon.

There was also some demand for Trips, however these are a bit more difficult to organise with the club at the moment due to the current social distancing rules. If any members want to organise anything among them selves before we’re able to run any club trips, please put a post up on the Facebook group and I’m sure people will want to come along.

If we haven’t mentioned an item that you suggested please don’t think that it has been ignored, we’ve just called out the top 3 items. We value the feedback that we get from our members and encourage you to give as much as possible as to how we can improve our club, equally if you have an idea that you are passionate about please get in reach out to us to help organise it or put a post on the Facebook group.

For those getting this email or reading this on our website that aren’t members, if you’re on the edge about getting a taster session or renewing your membership please get in touch, we’ll happily take you out on the water for a taster session or show you round the club before you commit to anything.


We have had a lot of questions surrounding courses, we are not currently in a position to give out any concrete updates surrounding this, however we have had some discussions around offering shorter 3/4 week courses around June/July time. Stay tuned for more updates! Please let us know what type of courses you would like, whether its SUP, kayak or canoe and what you want to learn!

If any of our members have any relevant British Canoeing Coaching qualifications or think they have enough experience to do one, please do reach out to us. All of our coaches, like our committee and other volunteers around the club, do so in their spare time so it helps if we have a bigger pool to give everyone a break.

Apologies if we mentioned about getting in contact a few times, we are keen to make our club as good as can be and to suit all of our members needs.

We look forward to seeing you out on the water!

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