About our club

Welcome to the Chippenham Sailing and Canoeing Club. We paddle and sail on the beautiful River Avon on the outskirts of Chippenham.

The organisation is run entirely by volunteers who have a passion for water sports and wish to get others involved in the fun of being on the water!  The club membership ages currently range from 8 to 75+ years old, with participation actively encouraged by all at a suitable level.

Please browse through our range of activities.

We Offer:

  • Coaching for canoe and kayak to British Canoeing standards for 1*, 2* and 3* qualifications.  This takes place on the River Avon during summer months and in a swimming pool during the off season
  • Stand up paddle boarding – a relatively new activity at the club
  • Recreational activities in canoe, kayak, katakanus and other craft that float
  • Canoe polo – a growing activity for experienced paddlers
  • Sailing – a mainly casual activity for existing sailors with the unofficial coaching on request
  • All of the facilities at the club are available for members to use year round (although coach led courses take priority on equipment)

Our Facilities:

  • Modern male and female changing rooms with shower and toilet facilities plus a fully accessible wet room
  • Indoor and outdoor boat storage is available to members (subject to availability)
  • Quaint little club house providing access to limited cooking facilities and snacks (available for purchase via an honesty system)
  • Access to the water by slipway and a well maintained jetty. There is a ramp down to the jetty to allow easy access.
  • Secure parking within a compound owned by CSCC.  Member key available subject to completion of an induction course and payment of deposit.