Initial re-opening of the club

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As it currently stands we look to be in a position to start re-opening the club on the 29th March for people with their own equipment and the 4th April for people needing to use club equipment. Please see below for a reminder as to what the club’s COVID rules mean for our members.

If you have not renewed your membership yet then please remember to do this if you are intending on it as you membership will run out on the 31st March.

  • Previous members can find info on renewing here
  • New members can find info about signing up here

Club COVID rules

For anyone thinking about renewing, the guidelines are much the same as last year, please see below for a refresher. We will look at what courses/coached sessions and inductions we can offer down the line.

  • For enhanced track & trace, please use one of the QR code posters & the NHS track & trace track app on your smartphone, or add you session to the Team-up calendar (ask me for details if you need it)
  • All club equipment is available for use: SOTs (sit-on-tops), open canoes, SUPs (stand-up paddle boards), kayaks and sailing boats, as applicable to the users training and experience.
  • SOTs are recommended in preference to closed-cockpit kayaks as the SOTs are easier to clean.
  • Members intending to visit the club will be expected to:
  • Maintain 2 meters distance;
  • Use the hand wash facilities provided;
  • Wash down club equipment before and after use, cleaning facilities are provided;
  • Be responsible for their own launching and landing;
  • Only paddle if the conditions are appropriate and manageable for their level of ability;
  • Not enter the club house;
  • Not use the club for any other purpose. No picnics or BBQs etc. Snacks & hot drinks are OK but use good hygiene measures;
  • Leave as quickly as possible after completing their activity;
  • Ensure the gate is locked behind you after they enter;
  • Ensure that the site is secure before you leave.
  • The toilet facilities may be used but with the changing areas only used to access the toilets. Specifically, the changing areas are not open for changing or showering. Members should therefore arrive at the club already changed or have the means to change discreetly.
  • Members are expected to limit occupancy of the buoyancy store or toilets to one person, or one group from a single household, at any one time.
  • For your safety, you should have a waterproofed phone with you while out on the water. It is also recommended that you bring a small first aid kit in case of minor accidents.

If any of the arrangements do not work well, please let the Committee know and we will try to make suitable adjustments via our contact form.


New year and a new start

Its been a little while since we last sent an update out, there’s been some changes behind the scenes of our club which are centred around a new committee. We want to welcome our new committee, for some its their first time, some returning.

Please check out this page on our website to get upto speed with your clubs committee members, supporting roles and coaches.

We have just lived through the strangest of years, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and there seems to be an overall change in peoples’ desires about what they want from their lives and what they value in life.

We are all changing, and we will all be stronger for it. Chippenham Sailing and Canoe Club is no exception. This year the club has elected a new Committee and Club Officers. The previous Committee have served us extremely well during a very difficult period and we would like to offer our thanks for all their efforts over the past few years and for their continued support as we move forwards into 2021. Our first monthly meeting was held in early February (minutes can be found here).

The first order of business covered how best to manage the transition process, but we also started planning our way forward. We want to increase club members’ engagement in their club and encourage all members to participate in projects where they have a particular interest. Everyone will have an opportunity to define your club and will have the ability and necessary support to go ahead and make things happen. Our idea consists of setting up a series of satellite teams who would focus on various aspects of club activity. These teams are:

  • Infrastructure
  • Equipment
  • Club events
  • Coaching
  • New Member Introduction
  • Wildlife & Environment

This is a small selection of ideas that have already surfaced through discussions with a few enthusiastic club members:

  • Low cost courses designed to help you develop your skills in paddle-sports and hopefully sailing, in your chosen craft or in specific disciplines. These will be based around the student’s needs and desires rather than tied to a specific syllabus.
  • Social events and get togethers at the club
  • Group trips to events such as the World Championship Slalom, or to the Palm factory to see how kayaks are manufactured!
  • Enhancing our environment, re-vamping the buildings and creating a wonderful, bright and colourful place to be.
  • Giant SUP super slalom!!!
  • Paddling trips to the seaside, white water trips, weekend touring etc
  • Planning and planting a garden or breakout area
  • Getting involved with other local adventure clubs to broaden our interests
  • Fund raising events
  • Regatta

There are endless possibilities and all it needs is a little imagination. You may only choose to have a small involvement with a single project, or you might decide that you want to get more involved in several teams. We will be launching them gradually over the next few weeks, if any pique your interest either now or as they are launched, we would love to hear from you either through the contact advertised, our facebook group or through our contact form.

Each team will be encouraged to be as autonomous as possible, developing their own ideas and taking them to fruition. There will be a team leader/coordinator, and everyone can get involved with as many teams as they want to. You can have a significant hand in shaping the way your club looks, feels and operates.

It will be the committee’s job to guide and help these teams as much as possible. We will welcome every suggestion made to us and give each equal consideration. Try to see us not as “Planning Permission” and more as enablers. This is your club.

We are all volunteers and we need your help to build the club into a place that offers a wealth of knowledge, experience, learning, enjoyment, fun and adventure in a wonderful environment. We hope you have the willingness and interest to voice your ideas and get involved. We intend to set up & launch the teams gradually over the coming weeks starting off today with Environment & Wildlife.

It seems that this team will have some serious issues to tackle such as putting the club’s view across on environmental issues, but should also generate some fun & interesting activities for members to take part in such as nature paddles. The coordinator for this group will be Nicky, I know that she already has some really great ideas, & that there is also quite a lot of interest in this from other people. If you would like to get involved in this team or if you just have some ideas to share, please contact Nicky via [email protected] if you’re interested & want to know more.

We’re looking forward to letting people get out on the water from the club as soon as we can, keep an eye out for future updates from your committee and if you have any comments on the above, or any suggestions please do get in contact with us, we want to hear your ideas!


2019/2020 Membership!

Hey All,

We hope that you have been enjoying your time out on the river with the nice wether that we have been having recently!

It has come to that time of year again that all members need to renew their membership, if you are yet to do this please see our membership page for info on how to do it!

The CSCC Committee


Pool session update

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Hi everyone, hope you’re not too busy in the lead up to the Christmas period and are still managing to get on the water!

The dates for our spring 2019 pools sessions have been released and are available for booking, more information can be found on the courses section of our website found here.

The pool sessions are a great way for paddlers to practice vital skills such as how to capsize and maybe even how to roll in a warm controlled environment.

If you have any questions about this that you can not find answers to on the page do not hesitate to send our pool session coordinator an email on [email protected]


Christmas Paddle!

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The Christmas paddle is of course weather dependent, and a decision will take place on the day, and choice of craft to go out. However that doesn’t stop us having a good evening in the club house. If any one want to bring an instrument to help the carol singing along please do.


Pool session updates

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We hope all that attended the river trips that have been run enjoyed them and are looking forward to the next ones!

An update on the pool sessions. There remains plenty of places on the pool sessions, particularly the 14 and under session next week and the one starting on the 27th November 2018.

Short Code Session 1 Date Start Time End Time Places Remaining
U14A 30-Oct-18 19:30 20:15 5
U14B 30-Oct-18 20:15 21:00 8
2A 06-Nov-18 19:30 20:15 2
2B 06-Nov-18 20:15 21:00 0
3A 27-Nov-18 19:30 20:15 8
3B 27-Nov-18 20:15 21:00 2

The pool session courses are run as a block of 3 sessions, over 3 consecutive weeks with coaching tailored towards individuals needs whether that be building confidence when falling out of a kayak or progressing all the way to learning to roll the kayak back up using the paddle.

The pool sessions are held at Stonar School Melksham. On each evening there are 2 courses, commencing 19:30 and 20:15 hrs respectively. There are 8 places available in each time slot. Each course (3 sessions) will cost £20 for club members (or £7 for an individual session where offered) and £30 for non-members (or £11 for an individual session where offered).

Prior to booking your place, please first read the notes below (particularly with respect to eligibility), then fill out the  pool sessions booking form linked here (If you can be flexible please identify a first and second choice of time slot) and send it along with a cheque made payable to “CSCC”, to the address on the form.

  1. Priority for course enrolment will be given to CSCC members, non-members will be considered as follows: Course 1 – after 25-Sep-18; Course 2 and One Off 14 and Under Only Session – after 9-Oct-18; Course 3 – after 6-Nov-18.
  2. Places cannot be reserved; receipt of monies by the pool session coordinator secures a place on a course where available.
  3. The club is unable to refund fees if you cannot attend. If the session is re-sold, a 75% refund will be provided with 25% retained to cover administration charges.
  4. In the first instance, it will only be possible to book one course per person for the winter term. If places remain they will be opened up to all, even those who have already attended a course.
  5. Please indicate First, Second, Third in the appropriate boxes in case your preferred session cannot be provided.
  6. Each block of 3 consecutive sessions costs £20 per person for CSCC members, £30 for non CSCC members. Once the block of sessions has started any spare places can be booked individually for £7 per session for CSCC members or £11 for non CSCC members. The additional cost to non-members includes a temporary membership charge covering the pool sessions only.

The pool at Stonar School Melksham, SN12 8NT is accessed around the back of the school – up the main drive, bear right around the school buildings, just past the all-weather pitch.


Spuds & Sparklers and our Upcoming working party

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We hope everyone has had a good Summer season and is looking forward to the Winter Paddling season whether they are going to be running white water rivers or going our for some refreshing early morning paddles! We have a couple of event announcements that can be seen below.

The 2018 Spuds and Sparklers evening is on the 3rd November.
This is a great event, bring the family and any friends too.

Watch the Monkton Park firework display reflected in the river from our veranda

With a real bonfire to toast marshmallows on.

Booking is essential please, I have to order the spuds – This can be done by contacting us on [email protected]


Alongside our announcement of spuds and sparklers comes us getting a new storage container to store kayaks in, this will make room for our newly purchased kayaks.

At the next working party we will be needing to prepare the land that the container is going to be situated on. Please see the below image for details about the working party.

Thank you to all the hard work put in by all of our volunteers and committee members and we look forward to seeing some of you at our upcoming events.


Our first Winter/Autumn Social!

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On Friday 12th at October 6pm CSCC are having a Social evening in line with our policy of keeping up events throughout the winter months.
Join us for a bit with a bit of crafty fun (very easy) a scrummy fish meal and a good chat and catch up.

If the weather is good then a short paddle first to work up an appetite.

This is an RNLI event we are signed up or it so really want it to be well attended.
Link to the RNLI https://rnli.org/fish-supper

Price of £6 is to include a contribution to the RNLI.
Although we are only a river club, many of us use our coastal waters, it is a very worthy charity, so feel free to contribute any more pennies to our collection.

Usual plea for numbers to the event for catering purposes.

Contact Meryl (07929971447)or Julie or post on FB and [email protected]


What’s coming up at the club in August and committee meeting minutes

Working party this Thursday 2nd August.

6:30pm until dark.

Jobs include…

1. Grass cutting

2. Mens and Womens toilet block and changing rooms need cleaning

3. General compound clear up

4. Kayak seal slip needs tidying up – and made usable

5. List will be added to on the night.

Gentle reminder to be careful with fires in club grounds this heat wave.

Camping weekend – 3-5th August

Please contact 01249 656170 / 07929 971447 if you are interested in attending.

Tails of the river bank – Thursday 23rd August

A paddle to find different pictures of tails that are floating in the river and identify them. Can dress up as tales of riverbank characters?

Members should be ready to go from 6PM at the club if you want to participate.

Committee meeting Minutes

Linked below are June’s committee meeting minutes. If you have any questions or queries relating to it please use the contact form linked here

June Minutes

As always we hope you have a great time on the water this month and that you can attend some of our upcoming events that are happening.

Thank you for making our club so great.

CSCC Committee



July to December club events list now out!

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Paddle proposed dates for 2018

Saturday July 7th 5pm – Wombles of Chippenham – dress up paddle as wombles (optional) and collect rubbish from the river. A clear up paddle! Followed by a BBQ Bring your own food to cook on our BBQ.

Sunday 15th July 3pm -Teddy Bear’s picnic – paddle and a picnic on the water.

Thurs 19th July 6pm – Paddle, Camera, Action – photography paddle, capture scenery , wildlife or action shots! Followed by fruity puddings!

Fri 3rd Aug to Sun 5th Aug Camping weekend at Club

Sat 4th Aug 2pmCanoe -Treasure Hunt- Evening meal

Sun 5th Aug 6amUp with the Lark – early morning paddle followed by a bacon butty.

Thursday 23rd Aug 6pmTails of the River bank – a paddle to find different pictures of tails that are floating in the river and identify them. Can dress up as tales of riverbank characters? Postponed until 11th September

Tuesday 11th Sept – Tails of the River Bank followed by AWARDS night – a paddle to find different pictures of tails that are floating in the river and identify them. Can dress up as tales of riverbank characters?

This will be followed by the awards evening – if you have been on a course (even if a non-member) we encourage you to attend as you will be awarded a certificate and where applicable the relevant star award form.

Friday 21st Sept 6pm – Chinese evening – Make paper lanterns to float on river or on jetty & paddle , Chinese dress and a Chinese buffet!

Friday 19th October– What you were wearing when the boat went down! – anything goes fancy dress paddle followed by fish and chip supper.

Saturday 3rd Nov? (TBC)-Spuds & Sparklers

Fri 23rd Nov 7pmKnots & Nibbles –  bring nibbles to share and learn some useful knots for securing boats etc.

Friday 14th Dec 6pm – Christmas Night Paddle– with decorated craft , fancy dress, carols ..mulled wine, mince pies etc