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New year and a new start

Its been a little while since we last sent an update out, there’s been some changes behind the scenes of our club which are centred around a new committee. We want to welcome our new committee, for some its their first time, some returning.

Please check out this page on our website to get upto speed with your clubs committee members, supporting roles and coaches.

We have just lived through the strangest of years, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and there seems to be an overall change in peoples’ desires about what they want from their lives and what they value in life.

We are all changing, and we will all be stronger for it. Chippenham Sailing and Canoe Club is no exception. This year the club has elected a new Committee and Club Officers. The previous Committee have served us extremely well during a very difficult period and we would like to offer our thanks for all their efforts over the past few years and for their continued support as we move forwards into 2021. Our first monthly meeting was held in early February (minutes can be found here).

The first order of business covered how best to manage the transition process, but we also started planning our way forward. We want to increase club members’ engagement in their club and encourage all members to participate in projects where they have a particular interest. Everyone will have an opportunity to define your club and will have the ability and necessary support to go ahead and make things happen. Our idea consists of setting up a series of satellite teams who would focus on various aspects of club activity. These teams are:

  • Infrastructure
  • Equipment
  • Club events
  • Coaching
  • New Member Introduction
  • Wildlife & Environment

This is a small selection of ideas that have already surfaced through discussions with a few enthusiastic club members:

  • Low cost courses designed to help you develop your skills in paddle-sports and hopefully sailing, in your chosen craft or in specific disciplines. These will be based around the student’s needs and desires rather than tied to a specific syllabus.
  • Social events and get togethers at the club
  • Group trips to events such as the World Championship Slalom, or to the Palm factory to see how kayaks are manufactured!
  • Enhancing our environment, re-vamping the buildings and creating a wonderful, bright and colourful place to be.
  • Giant SUP super slalom!!!
  • Paddling trips to the seaside, white water trips, weekend touring etc
  • Planning and planting a garden or breakout area
  • Getting involved with other local adventure clubs to broaden our interests
  • Fund raising events
  • Regatta

There are endless possibilities and all it needs is a little imagination. You may only choose to have a small involvement with a single project, or you might decide that you want to get more involved in several teams. We will be launching them gradually over the next few weeks, if any pique your interest either now or as they are launched, we would love to hear from you either through the contact advertised, our facebook group or through our contact form.

Each team will be encouraged to be as autonomous as possible, developing their own ideas and taking them to fruition. There will be a team leader/coordinator, and everyone can get involved with as many teams as they want to. You can have a significant hand in shaping the way your club looks, feels and operates.

It will be the committee’s job to guide and help these teams as much as possible. We will welcome every suggestion made to us and give each equal consideration. Try to see us not as “Planning Permission” and more as enablers. This is your club.

We are all volunteers and we need your help to build the club into a place that offers a wealth of knowledge, experience, learning, enjoyment, fun and adventure in a wonderful environment. We hope you have the willingness and interest to voice your ideas and get involved. We intend to set up & launch the teams gradually over the coming weeks starting off today with Environment & Wildlife.

It seems that this team will have some serious issues to tackle such as putting the club’s view across on environmental issues, but should also generate some fun & interesting activities for members to take part in such as nature paddles. The coordinator for this group will be Nicky, I know that she already has some really great ideas, & that there is also quite a lot of interest in this from other people. If you would like to get involved in this team or if you just have some ideas to share, please contact Nicky via [email protected] if you’re interested & want to know more.

We’re looking forward to letting people get out on the water from the club as soon as we can, keep an eye out for future updates from your committee and if you have any comments on the above, or any suggestions please do get in contact with us, we want to hear your ideas!


Spuds and Sparklers 2019

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Saturday 2nd November 2019 from 6pm

Returning again for another night of fun and food. Watch the Monkton Park display reflecting in the Avon from the club veranda.

Mulled cider and apple drink.

Toast marshmallows on the bonfire, loads of sparklers to play with (adult supervision for smalls ones please).

Baked spuds with yummy choices of fillings including veggie. (ask for any dietary requirements). Apple crumble pudding.

Please book your place as the catering depends on known numbers attending.

Contact Meryl or Julie  via 07929971447, the contact page on the website or via our Facebook page.


A Fishy Affair

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Tuesday 8th October 2019 – 7pm

The Fishy Affair returns again this year, prompted by the RNLI annual fundraising appeal.

Last year was good fun so let’s make this year a brilliant one and raise lots of money.


Awards Evening – 10th September 2019 – 18:00

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This years’ awards evening will have a short session on the water with all the new equipment available to play on. Information on what the grants awards will be displayed and hopefully the representertives of the various bodies will attend.

The evening will begin promptly as the nights are darkening earlier so those wishing to paddle should be prompt. 

Certificate presentation for all those who have taken part in courses, plus some extra fun awards. 

Watch FB for any further information.

Come along and have a great evening,
Thank you,  Meryl ( Events / Social Organiser)


April Working Party

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CSCC Working Party

Sunday 28th April – 2pm onwards

This is a great opportunity for us to make the Club clean tidy and welcoming to the Hasler Race event coming soon.

  • We need much grass cutting (bring your own mower if you wish and a strimmer).
  • Boat trolleys can be put in a tidy pile in the South East corner. Boats on trailers can be put in tidy lines. Some very scruffy boats, making the place look unkempt; need a good wash & brush up.
  • Steps and slab surrounding the jetty steps need resetting.
  • Ideas for revising the hanging facilities in the buoyancy shed would be welcome. Please lease with Jane.
  • Total revision of the SUP storage system is needed; ideas please. Please liaise with Cathy.
  • Our ‘Painting Officer’ Julie may care to issue directions for further external painting.
  • Doors and other timber items, adjacent to the bonfire site, need dismantling and sorting into useful, rubbish for burning and non combustible. (The external refuse skip should be onsite before the event).
  • Polo goals shall be moved to clear the area for visitor boat parking. It may be advantageous to clear the area between shed 9 & 10 (OOD Shed) of boats and KataKanus to allow for visitor boat parking.
  • Changing rooms to be cleaned

Dates for your diary

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Some dates for your diary of upcoming events:

Fri 10th May Movie night on the water JAWS!

Sun 19th May Hasler Race

Fri 24th May AGM

Fri 21st June/Sat 22nd June Midsummer night paddle /cocktails/campout for those wanting to stay over

Fri 5th July/Sat 6th/Sun 7th 60th celebration weekend camping/ Treasure Hunt and 60th meal Saturday / Up with the lark paddle Sunday morning.

Tues 10th Sept Awards night

Tues 8th October 6pm RNLI fish supper

Sat19th Oct/Sun20th Oct Steampunk festival in Chippenham, might decorate boats & have a paddle to coincide

Sat 3rd or 10th Nov  Spuds and sparklers

Tues 17th December 6pm Santa Night paddle

Posters and more details to these events will be given out nearer the dates.