Membership Prices 2017/2018

Young person/Concession (Over 65)£45
Ordinary (one person)£63
2-person family£105
Family (3-person plus)£132
Group (organisations pre-agreed with committee)£100
No equipment usage discount (where agreed)-£15
See small print below.

Storage Fees 2017/2018

Dinghy Parking£33
Dinghy Winter Storage£33
Kayaks (in Kayak Shed)£29
kayaks (outside)£20
Canadians (inside)£52
Canadians (outside)£20
Trailer Parking£20
Rowing boat £52
See small print below.

Other Fees 2017/2018

Key Deposit£10
See the small print below.

The Small Print


  • Is available only at the discretion of the CSCC committee.
  • Is conditional on submission of completed application form and payment membership fees to the membership secretary.
  • The club membership year is 1st April through to 31st March.
  • Applications after 30th September are 50% of the yearly fee.
  • Applications after 1st January is free for the remainder of the club year provided that membership is taken out for the subsequent membership year (that is 3 months for free!).
  • Disclosure of relevant medical information is required only where it is likely to affect the member, coaches and other members in an emergency.  This information will be kept confidential and only disclosed to the coaches that are present at the relevant session.
  • Storage fees only apply if you have received approval for your storage.  Existing storage is by default already approved.  Note there is generally a waiting list for storage.   Use the contacts page to register your interest in storage when it becomes available.

Compound Access

  • Key issue is at the discretion of the CSCC committee.
  • Will only be made available to a member upon successful participation in an induction course
  • Use the contacts page to request a key

Volunteer Discount Scheme

  • Each member who contributes a validated minimum of 15 hours a year to club activities will be entitled to a discount of £15 on the appropriate membership in the following year. Valid activities will be announced as and when required and will include – working parties (grass cutting, building and compound maintenance, equipment check and maintenance, etc), coaching, committee activities, etc.
  • Anyone wishing to take advantage of the volunteer rate scheme will need to record their hours on the time sheet in the clubhouse during qualifying events.

 Membership Benefits

  • Unrestricted year round use of club facilities and equipment (except during a coach organised course).
  • Equipment use is on a first come first served basis although at times when club organised courses are being run, course participants get priority.
  • Eligibility for going on coach organised club trips to other venues – subject to your skill level etc.
  • Social events – bonfire night, night paddles, camping weekends etc.

Other Fees

  • We make a small additional charge for participation in training sessions on the river and in the pool. The aim is to encourage commitment and we reinvest all the income in new facilities and equipment.
  • Competition and proficiency fees may vary and would be communicated in advance of the event.  We also require participants in trips to share any costs incurred such as petrol, bridge tolls and car parking.

Club Rules and Policies

The Club Rules, codes of conduct and agreed procedures are available below, in the clubhouse, either on the walls or in the red binder.  If you have any questions please use the contact form.


R1 – Rules

Codes of conduct

C1 – Club Code of Conduct
C2 – BCU Coaches and Officials Code of Conduct
C3 – Junior Code of Conduct
C4 – Code of Practice for Parents/Carers


P1 – Health and Safety Policy Statement
P2 – Information on Club Funding for Coaching Related Courses
P3 – Equality and Diversity Statement
P4 – Club Child and Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy
P5 – Data Privacy Notice