Safety Alert

There is a section of jetty where there is a missing plank on the downstream jetty (opposite club house). A log wrapped in red/white tape has been placed here as a temporary measure. Please do not remove the log.

There is a section of the upstream jetty which has has been cordoned off as it is unsafe. Please do not use this section of the jetty until further notice.

Membership Update – July 2020

Please see the membership page for an update on current changes to the membership fees now due and applicable in light of the current Covid-19 situation.

Coronavirus Update – Club Phased Re-Opening – Phase 2 – 20 June 2020

Dear CSCC Members,

As previously notified, the Committee have been working on a phased reopening of the club.
We apologise for the delay in getting to this stage but we are now ready for Phase 2.  This allows for members to make use of club equipment.  The details of which follow:
The club may now be accessed by any member for the purpose of watersports activities.  Members may make use of club equipment to do so.
Members will be expected to adhere to the Government guidelines on social distancing and staying safe outside your home.  Guidelines on which can be found here: and
Members include those who intend to renew this year but have not done so due to the coronavirus situation and the fact that the discounted rates have not yet been published. This is being worked on.
All club equipment is available for use: SOTs (sit-on-tops), open canoes, SUPs (stand-up paddle boards), kayaks and sailing boats, as applicable to the users training and experience.
SOTs are recommended in preference to closed-cockpit kayaks as the SOTs are easier to clean.
Members intending to visit the club will be expected to:
• Maintain 2 meters distance;
• Use the hand wash facilities provided;
• Wash down club equipment before and after use, cleaning facilities are provided;
• Be responsible for their own launching and landing;
• Only paddle if the conditions are appropriate and manageable for their level of ability;
• Not enter the club house;
• Not use the club for any other purpose. No picnics or BBQs etc;
• Leave as quickly as possible after completing their activity;
• Ensure the gate is locked behind them after they enter;
• Ensure that the site is secure before they leave.

The toilet facilities may be used but with the changing areas only used to access the toilets.  Specifically, the changing areas are not open for changing or showering.  Members should therefore arrive at the club already changed or have the means to change discreetly.
Members are expected to limit occupancy of the buoyancy store or toilets to one person, or one group from a single household, at any one time.
For your safety, you should have a waterproofed phone with you while out on the water.  It is also recommended that you bring a small first aid kit in case of minor accidents.
If any of the arrangements do not work well, please let the Committee know and we will try to make suitable adjustments.

Keep safe and help stop the spread of the virus!

CSCC Committee